300+ SEO Hacks You Can Execute Today!

Information is power, but you know what they say about too much of a good thing. SEO has been around for decades but keeps growing in terms of how it’s practiced as well as the realms it has spread to. The worst part of any evolving concept is finding all the information you need about it in one place.

With the various specializations, subcategories and methods involved in SEO, it’s almost impossible to find a complete guide to what exactly you have to do to improve your SEO.

We’ve curated a list of all the essentials you’ll need to keep your SEO efforts in check. Here’s an overview of the main aspects of SEO we’ve covered:




Content Outreach

Link Building

Technical SEO

Google Penalties

Social Media 



Mobile Optimization


Conversion Science

Project Management

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An Actionable Guide To Review Management For Small Business Owners

The digital era has given every single person a chance to become a publisher. There are more opportunities than ever to find yourself in a position where your brand or business has been embroiled in a situation that cultivates a negative reputation. If you stay silent or don’t take control of your brand online, someone else will. Whether or not you’re aware of it, people are always talking about your business–they may be referring it to their friends, or they may be doing just the opposite, especially after a bad experience.

With the advancements in the way search engines and social media handles and prioritizes reviews about businesses, it’s important to acknowledge the significance of what people are saying about you. Even if you believe that bad reviews are a part and parcel of doing business, you can and should stay in control of your online reputation. Here’s how.

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15 Local SEO Experts Share Their Hacks

Local SEO is becoming an essential part of doing business. With more customers relying on search engines for information and purchase decisions, it’s important that every business works hard to maintain their digital presence. It takes a lot of hard work, some strong tools, and above all, consistent maintenance to get the job done. Read More

20 Actionable Local Landing Page Optimization Tips

Your conversion rate is the essence of your website, the raison d’être. The art of conversion is NOT rocket science. You don’t need complex formulae or values to figure it out. A few handy tips and tools, and you’re all set. As a local business, it might seem like a long stretch from what it is you do best. It might even seem like a waste of your valuable time and money.

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101 Obvious SMB Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

As a small to midsize business, being present on the web can make or break your business. Doing things properly can only help further your business agenda. If you don’t do things properly, it could bite you in the behind, so it’s best to consider everything when setting up your site to avoid issues down the road.

Here are our top 101 mistakes that you as an SMB should avoid. We’re breaking this into sections to ensure that you hone in on the sections that are most applicable to you. Read More

Digital Marketing Survival Guide for Local Businesses

When dealing with your digital marketing strategies, there is a lot to keep in mind. It can get horribly overwhelming to keep track of all of it. So we have created a handy dandy Survival Guide with information, tips and resources for your digital marketing needs.

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30 Common Local SEO Problems & How To Fix Them

Local SEO Problems - Synup

Local SEO can become quite complex. Especially with all the specific nuances associated with managing your Google+, reviews and citations.

After running into these issues multiple times, we decided to compile a list of some of the most common local SEO issues along with easy to follow solutions. Read More

How To Identify And Resolve Google+ Duplicates

Managing and cleaning duplicate Google+ listings can very quickly become a nightmare!

Apart from being terrible for user experience, duplicates can also affect your rankings and affect your online visibility, especially if you’re a local business.

In this article, we’ll cover ways in which you can identify as well as eliminate duplicate listings on Google+ Local a.k.a Google Places. Read More

Scaling Phone Verification In Local Directories (+Free Workflow)

Phone verification is a messy ordeal. Especially when you’re an agency dealing with clients or a brand marketer having to claim and promote multiple store locations.

And, it doesn’t help that you have to claim your profile separately on multiple listing sites. Its a time consuming, annoying and high friction process for all parties involved.

Local directories haven’t considered scale and multiple entities involved in the management and marketing of a business location when they’ve built out their phone verification systems. Though it wasn’t the original intent, they’ve built a broken, unscalable model. Read More

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