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Shane Barker Blog - Zero Dollar Marketing

How to Build Your Agency With a $0 Budget

The marketing landscape keeps changing rapidly. And with this changing landscape, a new category of businesses has been introduced into the mix – digital marketing agencies. Digital marketing agencies help other companies with their digital...

Measuring and Optimizing ROI from Influencer Marketing

How to Measure and Optimize the ROI from Influencer Marketing

This blog post is a condensed summary of key points that were discussed in Synup’s webinar titled How to Measure and Optimize the ROI from Influencer Marketing, featuring Shane Barker and Varsha Vishwanathan. Click here to view the full webinar...

Google's Progress with Voice Search

Voice Search and Google: The Past, Present, and Future

From digits recognition to intentional speech disfluency and beyond. While the research and invention of devices capable of recognizing voice dates back to 1877, the first big breakthrough probably came in 1952, in the form of Audrey, Bell Labs’...

Pro Portal

Tips & Tricks on how to be a Pro at selling SEO

Monster Lists

Gargantuan lists on how to boost your online presence.
SEO statistics

The Ultimate List of SEO Statistics – 2018

When it comes to marketing your business or improving its SEO, any expert will tell you that it all begins with research. Stats and data backed evidence about customer and user behaviour will allow you to understand the industry better. This data...

training courses for agency employees

102 Training Courses for Your Agency Employees

When you’re tasked with running an agency, you expect your employees to be as efficient as possible. However, not every employee that you hire is going to check all the boxes right from the start. Everyone has certain weak areas that will need...


Digital Knowledge Management

Digital Knowledge Management: How It Impacts Local Businesses

Ask a baby boomer how to get to the grocery store that’s closest to you, and they’ll likely give you directions to it. Ask a millennial the same thing, and they’ll just ask you to Google it. Breaking a habit is hard, especially if you’ve grown up...

26 Experts Share Local SEO Tips Beyond Google For 2019

In today’s rapidly changing world of Local SEO, it is going to take a lot more than just ranking on Google if you want to get noticed! If your customers cannot find your business through their smartphones, or on their voice-search device then you...

How to Manage Customer Churn for Your Agency

How To Manage Customer Churn For Your Marketing Agency

This blog post is a condensed summary of key points that were discussed in Synup’s webinar titled How To Manage Customer Churn For Your Agency, featuring Dave Schneider of and Senthilvel Prakash of Synup. Click here to view the full...

Product update - review pack

Introducing: The All New Review Pack

We’re excited to unveil the newest updates to Synup’s product. A large portion of our customers operate multi-location businesses, and we wanted to make it easier for you to better understand your business’ online presence at a glance. Keeping this...