10 Places to Run Paid Ads for a Local Business (After Google Adwords) 

Paid ads are one of those finicky aspects of online marketing that can either be really useful for your business or super expensive with no ROI. If you’ve been using Google Adwords, you know how easy it can be to create targeted campaigns, measure their performance, track your ad expenditure, and so on. For the most part, it’s pretty straightforward to use and manage, but where do you go from there?

It’s important to remember that at the end of the day, you want your ads to be visible wherever your customers are. Whether it’s social media or popular forums they may be on, your business will need to expand its reach by using other kinds of ad placements. Here are some of the places that a local business can really shine on:

Yahoo Bing Network

Yahoo and Bing have an interconnected ad platform that lets you get your ads on both search engines with just one interface. With 20% of the US search market share, it’s definitely worth getting your ads up there.

When it comes to competitive sectors like the automotive industry, Bing and Yahoo ads are a great way to get better visibility for a lower cost. It has a lower CPC (cost per click) than Google Adwords and the lack of competition has a huge impact on the visibility of your ads.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is constantly expanding its user base and is a great platform for you to get your message out there. With Facebook’s targeted advertising, you can create visual campaigns that reach any demographic of your choice. You can narrow your target audience based on “likes”, gender, age, geographical location, etc.

Twitter Ads

If you know how to use Twitter, you can almost use twitter like a search engine to direct traffic straight to your website from a tweet. You can target users who follow you, those who share similar interests with your existing followers, and also target keywords that are being tweeted.

Some other features Twitter has includes promoted accounts, for users who want to build their following, and tailored audiences that you can create, save and use for multiple campaigns whenever you like.

LinkedIn Ads

Everybody knows LinkedIn as a “professional network” but did you know that it also doubles as a paid ad platform? It has a very specific targeting method to find people by profession or seniority in a company, as well as by job title.

You can design multiple ads, create target groups based on skills and interests and measure the performance of your ads throughout the campaign. For B2B companies, LinkedIn offers an easy way to reach the decision makers of a company and speed up the purchasing process.

StumbleUpon ads

StumbleUpon is a very click-friendly form of advertising that can be used to increase your website’s monthly visits. The best thing about getting ads on this platform is that it is super easy to use and not too pricey.

One thing to keep in mind while you run campaigns on SU, is that your content must be top-notch. Whether it’s tutorials, videos, images or infographics, great content will bring you great traffic.


With over 1 billion unique users a month, Youtube is becoming the video search engine for people to watch, rather than read what they’re looking for. The platform offers 4 main types of advertising:

  • Display Ads: These appear as banners across the site
  • TrueView: Short ads played before or during the video and can be skipped after 5 seconds in.
  • Non Skippable ads: These are usually 15 seconds or longer and cannot be skipped by the users. (Be careful not to make it too long or boring because users tend to skip to another video)
  • In Video Ads: These are found at the bottom of videos and can be closed by the user, but eventually fades away as they’re watching.

Pinterest Ads

The new kid on the block, Pinterest, allows businesses to promote pins with up to 150 keywords associated to it. Working on a PPC model, the platform enables promoted pins to have CTAs in the description (with a couple of rules to follow) as well as softer ones in the images.

If you’re thinking of using Pinterest for your campaign, keep in mind that it does have a heavy female demographic and with the right picture, you really can make it worth a 1000 words.

Reddit ads

Since it’s inception in 2005, Reddit has become a platform for people to discuss any topic under the sun. The communities or subreddits on this forum make it easy to target your audience based on common interests.

There are two main kinds of advertising on Reddit: Display ads, which are somewhat expensive banners on specific pages, and self-serve ads which can be in the form of link or text posts. If you’re using a self-serve ad, the success of your campaign depends on the kind of interaction it creates.


This site lets you buy ad space across the web, the traditional way. You can choose ad spaces that suit your needs, select the kind of placement you’re looking for, add any creative work you want to incorporate and even test your campaigns to see which one performs best.


When you think you’re ready to advertise beyond the standard Google, Yahoo and Bing platforms, you should try 7Search. Even though it’s a second-tier CPC engine, it is one of the oldest paid search platforms and it offers a cost efficient way to bring in cheap volume to your site.

When you want to use your advertising budget in the most optimal way, it’s important to choose the right channels to get the best results. After search engines, discovering the best social channel for your paid ads can go a long way in creating engagement, conversions and eventually, customer lifetime value.




I work as Growth Marketer at Synup, an integrated dashboard to make life easier for local marketing consultants, agencies and brands. I am tinkerer with a passion for building things and finding out new (and ambitious) ways of fixing problems. You can follow me @nooruzzonline

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