Google My Business
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4 easy ways to optimize your Restaurant’s Google My Business listing

Welcome to the culture of convenience Convenience is a customer experience essential. It is revolutionizing how customers interact with brands within the hospitality industry. Studies reveal that 58% of customers consider 'the ability to find what they want quickly and easily' as the most critical factor in determining which brands ...
Voice Search
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Voice search strategy — why your brand needs one

Voice search is becoming the norm Voice search might seem like it’s in its infancy, but with devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home proving to be the most sophisticated voice assistants that consumers have ever used, voice search is proving to be the next big disruption.  Voice search is ...
Marketing Checklists
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A 9-Point Checklist for Optimizing Your Google My Business Profiles

In our recent report, we discovered there is a seismic shift in how consumers find business content. Today, customers prefer to find and interact with brands via their digital profiles or local business listings. Therefore, brands need to take action and refocus their online presence and optimize it for the ...
Generating More Leads from Google AdWords
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How to Generate Leads From Google AdWords

So, you’ve decided to start using Google AdWords (now called Google Ads). Where do you start, and how do you go about it? While the platform is straightforward to use, here are three things anyone who’s new to the game needs to know to generate leads from Google Adwords: Familiarize ...