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4 easy ways to optimize your Restaurant’s Google My Business listing

Welcome to the culture of convenience Convenience is a customer experience essential. It is revolutionizing how customers interact with brands within the hospitality industry. Studies reveal that 58% of customers consider 'the ability to find what they want quickly and easily' as the most critical factor in determining which brands ...
Marketing Checklists
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A 9-Point Checklist for Optimizing Your Google My Business Profiles

In our recent report, we discovered there is a seismic shift in how consumers find business content. Today, customers prefer to find and interact with brands via their digital profiles or local business listings. Therefore, brands need to take action and refocus their online presence and optimize it for the ...
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Don’t Silo Your Local Marketing from Other Holistic Marketing Tactics

Gather around and repeat after me: “Brands cannot control the consumer’s path to purchase!” My uncle uses Bing (exclusively) to find new businesses around him when he’s staying at a hotel in a new city. Not because he loves Bing - simply because it’s the default search engine in Microsoft ...
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The State of Retail: Everything Retailers Need to Know

The sundry options that modern shoppers have—thanks to the smartphones in the palms of their hands—has completely disrupted the retail industry. Customers today want their clothes, cosmetics, and consumer electronics on the first page of their voice search results, and if your retail store is not found there, you are ...
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Online Retail: Navigating the Modern Landscape

No, online shopping hasn’t overtaken brick and mortar retail yet. We wonder if it ever will. For now, we’re happy to report that most commerce is still happening right in our very own backyards, in physical brick and mortar locations all around us. The reason is twofold: consumers are still ...