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How to Get More Digital and In-Store Traffic with Local Reviews

Regardless of your brand's recognition in the market, without a strong digital presence and a stellar online reputation, you're essentially on a one-way track to losing customers to the competition. Local reviews can help. An integral part of a strong digital presence beyond the website are digital profiles. These profiles don't ...
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How to Optimize Your Local Landing Pages for Better Discoverability

In the past couple of years, the "near me" searches on Google went up by almost 900%. With such high demand for localized information, the power of a well-designed local landing page is hard to underestimate. In 2021, to promote your brand, increase your offer's visibility, and outdo the competition, ...
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6 Reasons Digital Profiles are More Important Than Your Website

Listen to most marketing experts, and it's almost impossible to ignore: your website should be at the center of your digital efforts. But what too many of them fail to mention is that actually, it's just a part of your online presence. In reality, your brands' presence across digital profiles ...
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A 9-Point Checklist for Optimizing Your Google My Business Profiles

In our recent report, we discovered there is a seismic shift in how consumers find business content. Today, customers prefer to find and interact with brands via their digital profiles or local business listings. Therefore, brands need to take action and refocus their online presence and optimize it for the ...
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How to Do Keyword Research For Your Content

How to Do Keyword Research For Your Content The biggest mistake I see Content Marketers make is not spending enough time doing keyword research for their content. These are usually people who write phenomenal content, however, when looking at how their content performs, I’ve noticed a few missed opportunities. You ...