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4 easy ways to optimize your Restaurant’s Google My Business listing

Welcome to the culture of convenience Convenience is a customer experience essential. It is revolutionizing how customers interact with brands within the hospitality industry. Studies reveal that 58% of customers consider 'the ability to find what they want quickly and easily' as the most critical factor in determining which brands ...
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How to Do Keyword Research For Your Content

How to Do Keyword Research For Your Content The biggest mistake I see Content Marketers make is not spending enough time doing keyword research for their content. These are usually people who write phenomenal content, however, when looking at how their content performs, I’ve noticed a few missed opportunities. You ...
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The Role of Customer Advocacy in Your Brand’s Strategy

Improving sales is important for any business, and considering how it ties in directly with revenue, it’s often the metric that determines the success of a brand. However, it’s easy to lose sight of what lies beyond that ever-important lower-funnel conversion when brands are thinking only about sales. With customers ...