How To Identify And Resolve Google+ Duplicates

Managing and cleaning duplicate Google+ listings can very quickly become a nightmare!

Apart from being terrible for user experience, duplicates can also affect your rankings and affect your online visibility, especially if you’re a local business.

In this article, we’ll cover ways in which you can identify as well as eliminate duplicate listings on Google+ Local a.k.a Google Places.

There can be several reasons why you can have duplicates on Google+ Local

  • Your business moved to a new location and instead of editing the address on the existing listing someone created a new listing
  • An old employee created the listing which you no longer control because you don’t have access to the username / password.
  • It was created when Google decided to upgrade from Google Places to the new Google+ Local algorithm.
  • Google may assimilate a duplicate listing from a third-party data source like InfoUSA

How Do You Determine If You Have Duplicates On Google+ Local?

STEP 1 – Go to Google Classic Maps

Go to default Google Maps website and it will take you to the new interface. Towards the bottom right hand corner of the page click on the “?” icon and click on “Return to classic Google Maps”. (You can read this support thread if you have trouble switching to Google Maps Classic)

STEP 2 – Search For Different Combinations Of Your Business Name To See If Any Dupes Come Up

You can search by:

  • Phone number in (111) 222-3333 format
  • Business name
  • Combination of business name + street address
  • Combination of primary category + current street address
  • Any previous phone numbers or address’ your business may have used

Once you’ve identified duplicate listings, save this information in a spreadsheet that you can use to organize your work and go about cleaning duplicates.

Determining Your Primary Listing To Keep And Duplicates To Resolve

The first and most crucial step to perform before going about removing duplicates is to determine your primary listing. This is the listing you want to keep while reporting and removing the rest.

Your primary category is typically:

  • The one with your accurate information
  • Ideally, the listing you’ve claimed and have access to
  • Most importantly, the listing that’s ranking in Google for different search terms

Once you’re done determining your primary listing, you can move on to removing the duplicates.

Removing Duplicates On Google+

STEP 1 – Are you logged in?

Ensure that you’re logged in with the Google account associated with your primary listing.

On the bottom right hand corner in each Google Plus link you’ll see a report a problem link to notify G of any issues.

STEP 3 – Fill Out The Form With As Much Information As Possible

You will be asked information about the listing you want to keep and the one you want to delete as well as additional information. Be as precise and detailed as possible.

Have multiple duplicates to remove? Rinse and repeat this process for each listing.

Once reported, it may take Google a few weeks to review and then merge/remove the duplicate listing. Make sure you keep checking every two weeks to ensure that the duplicate listing issues has been taken care of.

If your duplicates aren’t removed in four weeks, call Google and they’ll have it sorted for you.


I work as Growth Marketer at Synup, an integrated dashboard to make life easier for local marketing consultants, agencies and brands. I am tinkerer with a passion for building things and finding out new (and ambitious) ways of fixing problems. You can follow me @nooruzzonline

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