Introducing: The All New Review Pack

Product update - review pack

We’re excited to unveil the newest updates to Synup’s product.

A large portion of our customers operate multi-location businesses, and we wanted to make it easier for you to better understand your business’ online presence at a glance. Keeping this in mind, we pulled up our sleeves and started working on redesigning our dashboard to make it more scalable and user-friendly. Today, we’ve added new features and improvements that will help our customers oversee and manage their online reviews and ratings better.

We’ve also gone ahead and made it extremely easy for our customers to receive in-depth analysis on their business’ ratings and reviews for each location, across a number of websites.

Here are the highlights of this release:

1. Review Analytics

Synup’s product already allows you to keep a close eye on all the reviews that your business receives, and also enables you to respond to them directly from the dashboard. However, with the introduction of the ‘Review Analytics’ feature, we’ve taken this one step higher by helping you assess the performance of your business locations better. Review analytics provides you with insight into your business profile reviews, based on comparative analysis.

In addition to the overview of the reviews that your business profile has received, you can also check out the response rates for your review generation invites.

Overview Panel (1)

Get detailed reports on your business profile’s ratings and reviews, and monitor its progression over a chosen period of time.

More Metrics

You can read more about this feature here.

2. Rollup Review Analytics

In our previous product update, we spoke about our new location tagging feature, and how it can be used to monitor rankings for several locations at once. Now, you have the same versatility with review analytics as well, meaning you can group together your locations by tagging them, and view detailed insights on the collective reviews and ratings.

Using Tags in Review Analytics

You can read more about our rollup review analytics feature here.

3. Interactions – Updates & Redesign

Viewing customer reviews across your business profiles has never been easier! We’ve redesigned the ‘Interactions’ tab and made it more intuitive for you to use. We’ve also made improvements to the backend that ensure a smoother and faster performance, especially when viewing listings insights such as the number of new reviews, average rating for that date range, and number of positive and negative reviews, for multiple locations.

Overview Panel

You can do a lot more than just view these reports. For instance, you can reply to reviews directly from the dashboard, or even make a private note against a review. For more on all the updates and functionalities of this feature, check out this support article.

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