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We’re super excited to introduce the newest feature additions to Synup’s dashboard.

Over the years, we’ve been working hard on building the most comprehensive location data management platform. A large section of our customers manage more than 10 locations, and we wanted to re-imagine our analytics engine from the ground up to make bulk reporting, roll-up and insights management efficient for our multi-location customers.

Our advanced analytics engine makes visualizing your analytics and data across one or one-thousand locations extremely easy. It also allows you to slice and dice this data to drive useful insights.

Let’s take a closer look at this release:

1. Location Tagging

Synup’s location manager will work as the central hub to manage all your business locations. You can perform basic functions such as activating and archiving your locations here, but that’s not all that you can do.

We’re introducing a brand new concept to location management on Synup – we’re calling it Tags. Tags allow you to group locations together – and you get to choose the basis by which you group them.

Location Manager and Tagging

Want all your Bay Area locations grouped under one tag? Done. Preparing a report with data from all the auto-shops you manage? No problem. Tags will help you bulk manage your locations like never before.

Check out this support article to learn more about tags and the Synup Location Manager.

2. Rollup Rankings

There’s a greater purpose to being able to group your locations together using tags as well. You can now view rankings data for all your grouped locations in one go with our rollup rankings feature.

Work better with bulk data to get a top level overview of how your locations are ranking, and track search engine data for several locations at once.

Read more about our advanced ranking analytics feature here.

3. Advanced Analytics

Synup’s profile analytics have also received a huge upgrade with the addition of tagging and location management. You can now track performance metrics for grouped locations at once.

Rollup insights reports will allow you to gain more information about all your grouped locations in one screen than ever before. Read more about our advanced insights analytics here.

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Harsha Annadurai

Harsha Annadurai works as an Inbound Marketer at Synup. His excessive love for music and football has led many to believe that he was a jukebox in a football stadium in his past life. You can follow him on Twitter @harshaannadurai.

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