Why Synup’s White Labeled Products are Perfect for Your Marketing Agency

Small business owners are always on the lookout for new services that will take their establishment’s reputation and ranking one step ahead. And the best way for your marketing agency to make sure that your clients get what they want? Offer services that will act as a one-stop-shop for everything your client needs to make their SMB more popular on the web. Synups white label products can help marketing agencies save innumerable man-hours by organizing and managing their client’s digital identity.

But before we get into the details:

What is a white labeled product?

A white labeled product is a product that you can slap your logo on and call your own, even though it isn’t.

Imagine you’re a baker who wishes to sell your customers bread, cake and cookies. However, unfortunately, you don’t bake cookies. But you are insistent on selling your customers delicious cookies along with your bread and cakes.

What do you do?

You strike a deal with a friend who bakes cookies, saying that you’ll give him the asking price for his cookies. In turn, he allows you to sell his cookies under your brand’s name. It’s a win-win-win situation. Your customers get cookies that taste fantastic, you get to sell cookies along with your pastries for a profit, and your friend earns more money now, because he’s selling more cookies than ever, through you.

Synup’s white labeled products work in a similar way, by providing tools that marketing agencies can use to generate reports and send mails that will feature the agency’s logo. Subscribing to Synup’s white labeled features will allow you to showcase our tools on your website as your own.

If you’re still not sure whether a white label solution is for you, consider these points.

Synup has 4 major white labeled features that your marketing agency can use to optimize your clients’ online presence:

  1. White Labeled Emails
  2. White Labeled Reports
  3. White Labeled Citation Scan Tool
  4. White Labeled Dashboard

White Labeled Emails

Email Settings CCWL

Sending emails manually to every client with review notifications and other updates is cumbersome. The white labeled emails feature allows you to edit and customize the content that will be mailed out to your clients. You can choose to edit the details of the mails and the frequency at which they are sent out.


Email Creation Cropped_censored

Four predefined email templates are available for the convenience of the user. Custom templates that are tailored to fit your needs best can be created and saved as well. A task that would have otherwise taken hours to complete can be done in under a matter of minutes using this automated feature.

White Labeled Reports

Report CCWL

Compiling reports manually to keep track of the notifications on a client’s online listings is virtually impossible. Synup’s Reputation Management Reports provide consolidated details of all the reviews and ratings of a client’s business in one document. They are designed to help the clients obtain a fair idea of how their listings are performing across all platforms at a moment’s glance. All reports regarding rankings, reviews and listing synchronization will be white labeled for your use when subscribed to this feature.

White Labeled Citation Scan Tool

Scan Tool Cropped_censored

The scan tool is one of the most-coveted white labeled products that Synup offers. Setting up the scan tool is straightforward.

All you have to do is enter:

1.Your agency’s name.

2.The subdomain where you want to host the scan tool.

3.The webpage that clients are redirected to after the scan results are displayed. 

Upload a preferred logo of your agency you’re all set to use Synup’s scan tool as your own.

White Labeled Dashboard

WL 1Network Dashboard Crop YL_censored

Subscribing to this feature gives your clients access to the entirety of Synup’s dashboard as a white labeled product. Clients can look at all their listings and read customer reviews directly from the dashboard.

Listings Cropped

It’s essential to know the keywords and search terms that attract customers to clients’ websites as well. Detailed analytics on how a business is performing online is a click away when clients use Synup’s dashboard.

Rankings Cropped

Duplicate listings could end up costing small businesses several potential clients. Moz’ post on why duplicate listings matter emphasizes on the negative effects that duplicate listings could have on an establishment’s growth. Clients can make sure that their listings are available across all major websites and flag listings as duplicates using Synup’s dashboard. The Synup logo will not be present anywhere on the face of the webpage!

Duplicates Cropped_censored

Synup’s tools have proven to be integral for the growth of over 40K+ businesses in the past and are available at prices starting from $30/location. Get your clients to boost their business’ online presence with only a few minutes spent on optimizing their listings using Synup!


Harsha Annadurai

Harsha Annadurai works as an Inbound Marketer at Synup. His excessive love for music and football has led many to believe that he was a jukebox in a football stadium in his past life. You can follow him on Twitter @harshaannadurai.

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