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What are business listings?
A local business listing is an online listing of all your basic business information on a business directory. The primary reason to create business listings online is to increase your online presence, make your business visible online and drive more customers to your business.
So what’s online presence?
Your online presence is the sum all your online activities and the online activity of your users in connection to your brand. This includes your business listings, your website(s), blog(s), advertisements, information shared by, to or via your social channels , customer reviews and business mentions all over the internet.
Why Synup?
Synup provides a platform that lets you manage your own listings with ease so that you can focus on your business.

With Synup’s listings management feature, your business will appear over 40+ online websites and directories. Once your listings are up and running, you can manage them all from a dashboard and change any information, anytime. In case you run a multi-location business, we have a customized dashboard where you can manage all your location information from one place.

We understand that creating and managing local listings can be exhaustive work. Leave your online listing management woes to us, take a load off and focus on your business!
You Also Get
Reputation Monitoring
Handle all your reviews from Synup’s integrated dashboard from the most reputed sites.
Rank Tracking
Track Search rankings for relevant keywords to easily follow your online growth.
Enhanced Reporting
Get updates and detailed reports on your online presence right in your inbox.
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Merchant Circle
MerchantCircle is the largest social network for local business owners.
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