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Massachusetts Cases: 96,301

Corona awareness

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3/29/2020 Massachusetts has declared a state of emergency as the cases of COVID-19 continue to rise. The president has issued statements of new testing centers being opened in parking lots of closed retailers, but as of now the CVS in Sherwood is the only one that is open.

This center does not allow walk-ups. If you are having symptoms or feel sick, call the hotline immediately for an over the phone evaluation. T: 617-983-6800

Boston has set up its first Testing Center on the 3rd Level Parking Garage area at Fenway Park Expanding a Command Control Center for Testing. You can find updated information about its opening here.

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Here is a list of Hospitals should you find yourself in need of medical attention

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As of March 17th, the government has issued a mandatory closing of bars and restaurants for in-dining business.

The Eater is keeping live updates on the cities around the nation and the different restaurants who will be delivering in this time of need.

If you want to read additional information - here are some promotional offers that UberEatsGrubHub,Seamless, and Eater are offering during this time of need.

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Here is a list of groceries.

New Regulations pertaining to grocery chains in Massachusetts


As of April 8th, grocery stores must limit occupancy of customers to 40% of their maximum permitted occupancy, excluding locations whose occupancy is already a maximum of 25. 

Depending on the township, there have been additional restrictions that are being enforced. Areas such as Salemare mandating that everyone who is shopping in-store at an essential business wear a mask. (Visit our FAQs to see what is listed as an essential business). Brookline is requiring that patrons abide by the facial mask regulations while employees wear protective face and hand wear. 

Most grocery stores have installed protective barriers between customers and employees as a means of protecting their employees who are in frequent contact with other people. It has been suggested that even in the stores there are rules regarding space between shoppers and that isles be trafficked in one direction to avoid any cluster in the isles. Employees are required to have their temperature checked before entering their shifts and are asked to inform management immediately if they or any immediate family members have fallen ill. 

Restaurants have been closed for in-dining experiences since early March, however, now the delivery services have been restricted to “contactless deliveries” which mean the driver will notify the customer that they are at the residence and will leave the food on the doorstep. 

There have already been citywide curfews that are being enforced requiring all persons who are not working in an essential service or need medical assistance to stay within their homes between the hours of 9 p.m. and 6 a.m.