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How to Add Address to Google Maps

Imagine being in your (potential) customer’s shoes.

You want to visit a business to buy something/get something done. However, you aren’t quite sure where exactly the business is located. You decide to open your Google Maps app, and you search for “*business type* near me”. A listing shows up, but it has no accurate address or phone number on it. You move on to the next listing, and you see that it has an accurate address and phone number provided. You choose that over the first listing that had no address information.

This is exactly what customers would do if you don’t have accurately listed address information on your listings online, and especially on Google Maps. They’ll pick your competitor over you, and you’d have earned one less customer, yet again.

Thankfully, fixing this is really simple. Let us show you how you can add your business address to Google Maps.

Step 1:

Head over to Google My Business and click on the the blue ‘SIGN IN’ button on the top right corner of the page. If you don’t have an account yet, then follow this guide to adding your location to Google Maps.

Step 2:

You’ll now be on the Home tab of your Google My Business page. Click on the Info button and navigate to the Info tab.

Step 3:

Once you’re on the Info tab of your Google My Business profile, you can see a blue location pin icon under your business’ name and category. This will show you your business address if you’ve added anything in the past, or will just say “Add address”.

Step 4:

You can add or edit your business’ address on your Google Maps listing by clicking on the grey pencil icon next to it.

Step 5:

A modal will pop up, and ask you for details about your address, city name and pin code. You’ll also be asked whether you deliver goods and services to customers. Fill in the right details in the respective fields and click on the blue ‘APPLY’ button.

Step 6:

Once you add your business address to your Google My Business profile, you’ll see a red Pending sign appear. Google takes up to 3 days to review the content and deem it as fit for Google Maps and Google search, but more often than not, Google will update your listing in under an hour. If it’s not been updated, don’t worry about it. Check back in a couple of days, and the address will start showing up on your Google Maps profile. Note that your business needs to be verified to appear on search engines. If you’re not sure how to verify your business on Google, watch this video.

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