Add your business to YouTube -

How to Add Your Business to YouTube


As a rule of thumb, your business needs to extend its online presence to sites and social media platforms that have a formidable number of users engaging with the site content. YouTube is one such site your business can leverage to grow your online presence. Here’s how you can add your business to Youtube.

Step 1

Go to and log-in to your account. Click on the three horizontal lines on the top right-hand corner of your page, and then click on “Settings”.

Step 2

Once you’re done, click on the three horizontal lines, and click on “My Channel”.

Step 3

Once you do, you’ll be led to the following window. Click on the “Use a business or other name”  option.

Step 4

Add your business name and click on “Create”.

Step 5

You’ll be led to your business’ Youtube Page. You can start adding videos to your channel.

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