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Facebook Places
Below are step-by-step instructions to setup your business with Facebook Places:
Find your business on Facebook
Open the Facebook application on your smart phone. Based on your device type, you will either need to press "Check in" or “Places” on your app’s home screen. Then, enter your business name in the search bar. If you don’t find your business in the search result, you’ll see an option that’ll allow you to add your business on Facebook places. Just enter a brief description about your business and press "add." In case you see your business already added to FB Places, then skip this step.
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Visit on your PC and do a search for your business. Click the places result.
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Account Verification
Next, below the picture on Places page, you’ll see a hyperlink stating something like this:
"Is this your business?" Click on it in order to begin your verification process.
claim facebook step 3
Before you’re allowed to edit your page, Facebook will ask for either your business email id or a doc which has your name as well as the name of your business on it. After supplying either one of these, it might take up to 7 days before your request is confirmed by Facebook.