Add or Claim Your Business Listing on Foursquare

Step 1: Visit Foursquare's Claim Page

Vist the Foursquare claim page. Enter your Business Name and either the city, state or country of your business. Click on Search after that.

If Foursquare has your business on their system already, you will be allowed to claim this listing. Before you do start the process, you need to sign up first for a Foursquare account. If you already have an account, log in to your account by clicking on the blue link at the bottom of the box Already have an account? Log in.

In case your business isn't on Foursquare, scroll to the bottom for instructions on how to add your business.

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Step 2: Claim Your Listing

After logging in you will be presented with 3 small steps.

Click on the checkbox and then click on Get Started.

Enter in your phone for Foursquare to call you on for verification. After clicking on Continue, Foursquare will proceed with the verification process.

Add Your Business On Foursquare

If your business isn't on Foursquare, you can add your business by clicking on the Create a listing link that should be present when you search for your business in the first step.

Fill up the form with your business information and then click on Save..

And that's how you claim or add your business on Foursquare!

What To Do Next

You've taken care of your Foursquare listing. But do you know how your business is listed on the most important sites like Facebook, Google, Bing, Foursquare and more?

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