Get listed on Superpages
Below are step-by-step instructions to setup your business with Superpages:
Find your Business Listing
Visit the Superpages homepage and click on “Get Your Free Listing” at the footer.
claim superpages step 1
Enter your business phone number and click on “Find my Business” to claim/add your business.
claim superpages step 1
Add/Edit Your Business Listing
If there is no listing associated with the phone number, you will have to select the “Add your Business” option. You will have to enter business information, select business category and create an online account if you are registering your business for the first time.
Enter business name, website, address and other details in the “Update your Listings” page.
claim your business superpages step 2
If your business is listed along with the right phone number, you will have to select the most accurate listing from the options displayed. You can edit the information in your listing and log into your Superpages account.
Claim your Business Listing
After you have logged on to your Superpages account, a confirmation email will be sent to the specified email ID. To complete the process, follow the instructions specified in the email.