Add or Claim Your Business Listing on Superpages

2 Easy Steps

Step 1: Get To The Form

Vist the Superpages homepage. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find a little box on the right. Click on the blue "Claim My Business" button.

You should be redirected to a new page which has the following message.

Click on this form.

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Step 2: Fill in Your Information

You need to fill out this form to claim or add your business on Superpages. It has 3 parts.

The first part requires you to select the reason for contacting Superpages. Luckily for us, the option "Add, Edit or Remove a Listing" has already been selected.

The second part requires you to fill in your personal contact information followed by your business information.

For the third part, write in a message that you would like to convey to Superpages in regard to your requirement.

Here's a template messsage.


I would like to claim my business on Superpages. I've filled in the information as required. Feel free to contact me on my phone number that I've provided for any further information. I hope to claim my business listing at the earliest.

Thank you.

Finally, check the "I'm not a robot" box and click on "Send Message".

And you're done! You will then be contacted by Superpages for your request.

What To Do Next

You've taken care of your Superpages listing. But do you know how your business is listed on the most important sites like Facebook, Google, Bing, Foursquare and more?

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