Get listed on Yelp
Below are step-by-step instructions to setup your business with Yelp:
Find your business.
Visit Yelp For Business Owners to find and claim your business. Enter the business name and area to search for your business.
claim yelp step 1
Claim your business on Yelp
From the results, select “Claim this Business”, if your listing has not been claimed. If you want to edit the information, click on “Already Claimed” and log into Yelp to make changes to your listing.
claim yelp step 2
To complete the process, Yelp will give you a call at the specified phone number and you will have to enter the code displayed on your screen.
Add your business (if not listed).
Search for your business and if you can’t find your business, click on “Add your Business to Yelp” at the end of search results. You will have to add the business information and phone number to add your business. After the listing is verified by Yelp moderators, you will receive an email detailing the process to claim your listing.
claim yelp step 3