How to create a marketing video with Powtoon -

How to create a marketing video with Powtoon

If you are wondering how to boost your brand’s social media game, here’s something that you could do - Try creating a video with PowToon!

Powtoon is a quick and easy video building software that allows its users to build videos from scratch without any design experience. You can create videos, reports, and presentations that look professional and also boost your engagement! 

Apart from creating marketing videos, you can also use this tool to brighten up monthly team reports or even build attractive HR training videos. 

Today, 76% of marketers say they could generate more traffic as a result of an animation video and because consumers are more engaged with video content over any other, 80% of marketers say that video has reduced the bounce rate on their website. This shows that animation videos should be a part of your video content strategy! 

So are you ready to start Powtooning?

STEP 1: Create an Account

Go to the Sign-Up page of the platform where you create an account for free and later upgrade your tool according to the suitable pricing plan.. Start by entering your Name, Business Email, and create a password. You could also simplify the process and login via Google, Facebook, Office 365, or Linkedin.

STEP 2: Tell PowToon who are you

By choosing attributes that reflect who you are, it helps PowToon serve you better.  The platform offers ‘Corporate executive’, ‘Manager’, ‘Team Leader’, ‘SMB’, ‘Entrepreneur’ and ‘Individual’ as options. Depending on the option you choose, the platform that shows your template options that will help meet your goals. 

STEP 3: Choose a Template

Choosing a template makes it easy for you to design your videos so you don’t have to start from scratch. Don’t worry, all of the templates are customizable once you have selected.  Click on the button located on the top left corner that says ‘Template’ and Pow-Toon will bring you to their option screen. You can preview any template before selecting to make sure the video is what you had in mind. 

STEP 4: Start Building the Video:

Powtoon allows it’s users to create or edit each and every element on the slide which includes animation, text, and illustrations. 

Edit Mode

: This mode offers basic editing features such as adding and changing the text boxes and switching the format of the video between horizontal, vertical, and square mode. 

Create mode:

This feature is a designer’s paradise! It allows you to add scenes, background, text, character, props, shapes, images, videos, and sound too!

They also offer special features with holiday themes for any of your events. 


Remember to set your animation style and duration while editing the video on each slide to ensure enough focus on the main content.  

Each text box can have its own animation style, so go on, get creative!

STEP 5: Preview and Publish!

The tool offers options like ‘Share Link’, ‘Download PPT’, ‘Download PDF’, ‘Powtoon’, ‘YouTube’ and, ‘Facebook Page’ in the trial version of the platform. 

‘Download Video’ will be made available with the paid version of the platform. The crown icon next to this option indicates different pricing strategies given to the users. 

The price package includes the ‘Pro’, ‘Pro +’, and the ‘Agency’. You can select the one according to your monthly/ annual marketing budget. 

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