How to create a video on Lumen5 with a $0 budget -

How to create a video on Lumen5 with a $0 budget

Would you like video content to be a part of your content marketing strategy? 

Now you would nod and say- ‘Of course, we all do!’ But you’ll also say producing video content requires hours of work and involves extensive planning, right? 

What if I say you’re wrong?


of people would like to see more videos from brands. Out of these,


say they’d most like to see more educational/explainer video style content. This got me thinking, what if we can repurpose the company’s existing blog posts, long text content, or even a word document into attractive explainer videos? 

Here’s a tool that can do that! Lumen5 is a video building tool who’s free version allows you to convert long textual content into engaging videos in a matter of minutes! This version of the platform permits you to create 5 videos per month with a 720p resolution. By using this tool, you can reduce the time taken to build videos and upload them on your social profiles frequently. 

So, let’s get started!

STEP 1: Create an Account

Go to the sign up page of the platform where you create an account for free. Start by entering your Name, Business Email, Business Name and create a password. You could also simplify the process and login via Facebook. 

STEP 2: Choose your Goal

Choose your marketing goal depending on your team’s current requirements. You can select the option of ‘Creating videos consistently for a brand’, ‘Create videos for a specific project’, or ‘Create a single video’.

TIP: If videos are a part of your daily content strategy, you could choose the option ‘Creating videos consistently for a brand’.

STEP 3: Import the Existing Textual Content

Since Lumen5 helps you quickly convert existing text content into video, simply import the content from either your blog post or a word document or even directly copy-paste!

You can choose from the following options:

  • Use your blog

  • Use a script 

  • Use your media

STEP 4: Pick your Format and Theme

Choose the desired format according to the dimension criteria of the social platform you are planning on displaying your video on. Lumen5 offers video formats for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and Linkedin. They even have the option of customizing the ratio according to your specifications. Don’t worry about making the wrong choice. Lumen5 allows you to change the dimensions later in your project if you choose. 

Once you choose the format, you can pick a theme for the video keeping in mind the mood and the tone of voice of your brand! 

STEP 5: Start Editing the Video

Within a few seconds, the AI-enabled platform will now put together slides with images and text which are relevant to the article you have provided the tool. You are also given editing options on each slide where you can make changes to the layout, duration, text size, and placement, etc. 

You can also take a quick look at the preview of each slide!

STEP 6: Click on Publish!

The final step is to preview the entire video and simply click on the Publish button on the right-hand corner! The tool takes a few minutes to process the video and will automatically start downloading. 

There you go! You can flaunt your video content on all your social media platforms! 

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