Bringing your business back together post COVID-19

Actionable steps your brand can take to relaunch your marketing strategy post the COVID-19 lockdown.

Why Listen to this Webinar?

In this webinar, Michael King, CEO and Co-Founder of iPullRank, joined us to highlight significant changes in the industry, how it has impacted the economy and the areas of marketing that your business should focus during the unstable economic times.

Key Learnings:


Review your market segmentations:

Consumer personas are inaccurate since there is a drastic shift in consumer behavior


Take a fresh look at your analytics:

Closely review the channels that are working for your during the current climate. Invest is small test environments.


Adapt to shifts in consumer behaviors:

  • Revisit your email marketing plans. Open rates and engagement have both been on the rise.

  • Accommodate your business to e-commerce.

  • Revamp your paid strategy as social media ad costs have dropped

  • Remote working has grown in popularity and is here to stay.


Content Strategy Matters Now More Than Ever.

  • Be empathetic and pivot your brand messaging to reflect the current times. Poor taste in advertisement can be devastating.

  • Customers are looking for answers, so don't be tone deaf, be resourceful. Remember that this is not a time to experiment.


Search is alive!

Unlike other marketing channels, organic search helps you get a sense of consumer intent, so start leveraging that information.

  • Invest in keyword research to understand what your consumers are looking for.

  • Paid search offers a great short term opportunity. Fewer brands are investing in PPC, resulting low CPC's.

Invest in a solution that is quick to adapt, continuously innovating, and reliable.