Synup Launches Intent Marketing Cloud to Support Digital Transformation and Customer Acquisition for Brands Around the World

October 30, 2019

Intent Marketing Cloud will help brands to more effectively engage and win local customers at every stage of the buyer journey across key digital and voice search media

NEW YORK, Oct. 30, 2019 – Synup (/sign-up/) today launched the Intent Marketing Cloud™, a next-generation customer acquisition platform that enables companies to power their brand building, reputation management, and customer acquisition across their entire digital presence. The Intent Marketing Cloud powers Synup’s AI-enabled software that provides a single tool for brands to manage their digital identity on social media, traditional search media, mobile marketing, and voice search.

Synup’s Intent Marketing Cloud helps brands win customers at every phase of the discovery and purchase journey by allowing companies to easily manage their digital presence, business content, customer reviews, and marketing analytics across all major media channels from one easy-to-use platform.

Synup also announced the release of Synup AI, the machine-learning technology that underpins the Intent Marketing Cloud, to help brands better predict consumer intent and purchase consideration. Synup AI automatically suggests the business content most likely to result in customer engagement and acquisition. Synup AI also suggests responses to customer reviews across media platforms to automate what has historically been a manual process.

Synup clients have experienced dramatic success using its growing suite of intent marketing solutions to improve their ability to be found, chosen and trusted by customers across digital media and voice search channels. 

The Synup Intent Marketing Cloud’s core capabilities include:

  • Presence Management: manage and distribute accurate digital profiles and store -locator pages across locations and top media channels including voice search, reaching over 98% of U.S. consumers

  • Content Management: augment and optimize business content - such as photos, product listings, menus, business categories and promotions - for higher engagement, better conversion rates, and more foot traffic

  • Reputation Management: monitor and respond to customer reviews across platforms 

  • Business Analytics: analyze and optimize key brand awareness, customer acquisition and brand reputation drivers 

“Never before has a marketing technology played a more important role in capturing and converting customer intent - from the moment people find a business to the point they walk in the door and make a purchase,” said Ashwin Ramesh, CEO and founder at Synup. “The Synup Intent Marketing Cloud helps brands engage in-market consumers across voice search and digital media with the right business content at the right time in their buying journey, manage their customer reviews across platforms, and analyze what’s impacting customer demand the most… all in one place.”

The results for Synup clients have been significant:

  • National non-profit retailer: +1,000% 5-star customer reviews; +815% total reviews 

  • National real estate firm: +1,600% customer reviews; +75% total search rankings 

  • Leading U.S. retailer: +200% digital profile accuracy (top 50 media channels) ; +40% phone calls across thousands of U.S. business locations

  • Multi-chain restaurant: +60% restaurant foot traffic; +40% improvement in conversion from initial search to purchase

  • Growing law firm: +36% total Google traffic; +118% customer reviews

  • Large auto services provider: +88% driving direction requests; +82% phone calls

  • Multi-location financial services firm: +42% 5-star reviews; +44% phone calls 

"Once we implemented Synup, overnight we had a much larger local marketing presence," said Matt Flores, Digital Marketing at Goodwill. "Within a month, we were ranking on the first page for everything. Before Synup, we weren’t even ranking in the first 100 for the vast majority of keyword searches we wanted to be on.”

“Synup has made our job as marketers so much easier,” said Andy Ritter, Director of Marketing at Snappy Tomato Pizza Co. “Synup helps us constantly improve our marketing presence, business content, reputation management, and analytics simultaneously.”

“Synup makes it easy for multi-location brands to attract new customers at the perfect moment - just when they want to purchase,” said Robert Bray, CEO of Topline Cloud Services. “Driving real results for local businesses is why I believe this service will be a big success with our retail partners.” 

“With Synup, we now have one platform that lets us manage everything about our business and then share insights with our local offices,” said Amy Prince, Digital Marketing at Envoy Mortgage. “We’ve seen a tremendous improvement in our marketing efforts.”

“Brand management is hard work and Synup makes that work much easier,” said Shane Kump, Digital Marketing at The Ostler Group. “For many of our customers, reviews are their life’s blood and Synup has been an invaluable tool.  It’s been an integral part of the marketing strategy that we offer our customers.” 

“With Synup it was extremely simple to set up and extend our marketing presence. Synup has more features than the competition,” said Zida R., CEO at Rawa Law Group, APC

“With Synup, it’s easy for us to track all reviews across all of our stores and monitor review ratings,” Kathryn Price, Digital Marketing at AMM Collision Center. “We have Synup set up for every shop and it helps keep them focused on customer follow-up.”

Synup’s next-generation platform - recently recognized in the Inc. 500 - has been used by over 167,000 businesses to date.  It currently supports clients across verticals including retail, restaurants, automotive, hospitality, health care, financial services, and real estate.  

About Synup

Synup, the leading Intent Marketing Cloud™, transforms a brand’s ability to deliver relevant and trustworthy business content across all locations, devices, and digital media channels. Brands can now analyze and optimize how consumers engage with their businesses - from reviews to chatbots, videos to voice search, menus to product recommendations - with an easy-to-use SaaS platform. Synup AI, the machine-learning technology that underpins the Intent Marketing Cloud, enables clients to adapt their local business content and information - in real time - to match consumer buying behavior. This increases local brand awareness, customer acquisition, and loyalty.

Today, thousands of companies use Synup to drive better business results. Synup is headquartered in New York City with operations in APAC, EMEA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK. Learn more at