Release Notes


January 30, 2019

What’s New

Synup Pages

  • A fully-customizable business locator pages product for multi-location brands.

  • Synup Pages accommodates maps, content, promotion, and customer recommendation modules to ensure each business location is providing the right information consumers need.

  • Synup Pages leverage best-in-class responsive web design functionality for optimized experience across all screen types.

  • Pages are automatically marked-up and integrated with Synup location manager to improve profile performance and be easily found across across key search, social, voice, and local directory media channels.

Synup Feed™

  • A real-time feed of suggested profile/listing enhancements clients can make to improve profile performance.

  • Synup Feed recommends profile updates - such as changes to business hours, promotional content, or customer review responses - to ensure clients are driving better business outcomes.

  • It automates - using predictive analytics - profile optimization across key search, social, voice, and local directory media channels.

  • Feed suggestions are powered by Synup AI, the machine-learning technology that underpins the Synup platform. It looks at the client's past profile performance data, along with other industry-vertical and 3rd party data sources, to predict the profile updates most likely to impact customer acquisition.

Synup Reviews Manager (enhancements)

  • A comprehensive tool that aggregates customer reviews from across search, social and local directories and allows brands to manage and respond to them effectively.

  • Enhancements to Review Manager will allow clients to utilize a template library of best-in-class responses for each and every customer review, filter reviews by customer keyword or trending topics and respond to multiple reviews at the same time.

  • The response library includes default best-practice responses and also allows a brand to create additional response templates that can be standardized for all of its locations.

  • Review filtering provides for a quick-find of specific customer reviews by keywords or trending topics and the ability to easily respond to each one or all of them, at once.

SYNUP 2.0.0

November 21, 2019

What’s New

New Primary Navigation

  • Update to more versatile and feature rich Synup header and primary navigation. The new header will be the launching point for many of the new Synup feature innovations that will be introduced starting next month.

Bug Fixes

  • Presence Manager optimizations. This tool ensures listings update quality control across each of the Synup media network sites.