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Synup AI helps brands predict purchase consideration
Machine learning suggests the content most likely to convert

Increase customer engagement with rich multimedia content

  • Monitor and manage user-generated content (UGC) across all profiles

  • Deliver and optimize brand-generated photos and videos across businesses

  • Measure customer intent to improve digital profile performance


Drive purchase intent with digital menus or product offerings

  • Publish digital menus, products, or services across business locations

  • Update offerings to match seasonal promotions or new trends

  • Measure and optimize content performance with predictive analytics


Capture more leads with dynamic landing pages

  • Launch custom landing pages with real-time product inventory

  • Optimize landing page content on-the-fly to increase conversion rates

  • Measure foot traffic and sales performance across business locations


Convert more visitors with better promotional content

  • Promote events, offers, and coupons across all your digital profiles

  • Use Synup AI to predict the promotions most likely to convert

  • Measure and optimize promotional performance


Reach customers everywhere that matters

Instantly deliver relevant business content to in-market consumers around the world across the search engines, social media, voice search, and mobile apps that matter most.

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