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Amplify your content, optimize your presence and control your brand's reputation in one view with Synup Feed

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Optimize your profiles the right way

Optimization for your digital profiles starts by adding the attributes and amenities your brand can offer. Synup's Feed generates custom attribute cards based on what people are searching for in your industry and make the process seamless.

Simply check yes or no and manage your brand attributes across one or all of your locations.

Get all of your updates in one view

Your Feed will populate with new reviews, promotions, and suggestions everyday.

Easily update hours, create promotions, and respond to reviews from your Feed.

Publish accurate information across all your listings

Profile accuracy is key to ensuring you are providing the correct information to your customers. Update your hours and push them across all your listings for multiple locations.

With Feed, you can publish business hours, specific holiday hours, schedule promotions, and customize your business information to update automatically across all of your locations.

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