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AMM Collision

Increased driving direction to collision center by 88%

Client Challenge

AMM Collision has continued its impressive growth as Texas’ premier collision repair company. Of course this growth is great for the company

and for the markets that AMM Collision services but it does not come without its challenges.

As the AMM Collision brand extends into new locations, they wanted to ensure that they maintained their high standard around their brand and continue to deliver on their promise to provide every customer an exceptional customer experience.

AMM Collision’s primary objective was to find the right solution to help them manage their brand and reputation management. AMM Collision wanted to ensure that each of their existing and new locations had the ability to quickly and effectively respond to customer feedback and reviews. Additionally, AMM wanted to improve their online presence and the accuracy of their digital and voice business profiles. The goal was to increase their visibility and increase their pipeline for new business opportunities.

AMM Collision is part of the growing family of ProCare Collision centers with over 30 locations and growing rapidly. ProCare Collision is a nationally recognized, state-of-the-art collision repair company that started in 1999. AMM provides exceptional quality collision repair using the most advanced technology operated by trained and certified technicians.


AMM Collision chose Synup, an all-in-one solution to help them to manage their growth and their brand. Shortly after starting with Synup, AMM Collision saw a major improvement in their location and business content accuracy, as well as, a dramatic increase in their presence, with their listings expanding across all the key sites and applications that customers use to find them. The benefit of this increased and accurate visibility quickly translated into new customers and revenue.

Synup’s easy to manage brand management dashboard allowed each of the stores to easily track all of their new customer reviews and provided them the capability to quickly respond to them across all major review platforms. The Synup dashboard also provides detailed analytics about the engagement that each of the collision centers are getting online and provides a location and corporate aggregate view of all reviews that each receives and how responsive each location is to them. AMM Collision can also track the increase in customers finding them online and how effective they have been to attract new customers.

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“Synup makes it easy for us to track and respond to all reviews across all of our stores.”

Kathryn Price

Digital Marketing at AMM COLLISION

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+88%+88%Increase in collision center phone callsSorry, your browser does not support inline SVG.


Increased phone calls to collision center by


Increase map impressions to collision center by


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