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Goodwill Case Study

A case study on how Goodwill increased their donation by 45% with Synup

Client Challenge

The foundation of all of Goodwill Industries’ charity work is donations. These donations are the life’s blood of Goodwill and the donations are then provided to the needing in communities across North America. Many of the donations that Goodwill receives are delivered to their local community Goodwill Stores. For the more than 40 Goodwill thrift stores/donation centers set up in Southern Arizona, Goodwill wanted to ensure that if they were the preferred charity and donors could find them easily and effectively. With many of their donors relying primarily on websites such as Google, Bing, and Yelp to find stores near them, Goodwill needed to make sure that consumers who wanted to donate/shop could easily find them through all of their internet search options.

Goodwill became aware that their donor customers were having a hard time finding their Goodwill stores online. Goodwill’s primary objective was to improve this online presence and increase in-store for donation delivery and customer sales. Goodwill also wanted to ensure the accuracy of their listing information across the various search engines.

Goodwill helps people improve their lives by assisting individuals to find a job and grow their careers. In 2018, Goodwill helped more than 35.5 Million across their more than 3,300 locations across the US.


Within 72 hours of getting onboard Synup, all of Goodwill’s 40 locations in Southern Arizona were updated accurately, listed and/or claimed on over 48 websites. Goodwill was able to quickly and easily manage all of their locations through Synup. Synup’s dashboard provided Goodwill the ability to both ensure the accuracy of the marketing data and expand the presence of this data to all of the sites that their potential donors/customers were using. Additionally, Goodwill was able to edit their location details such as opening/closing hours, address, special offers, etc. at any point in time. The Synup dashboard also provides detailed analytics about the engagement that these stores locations are getting online, and aggregates all reviews that these stores receive on any other website as well. Goodwill can track the increase in customers finding them online and by proactively managing their reviews, they have been able to attract even more new donors/customers.

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Once we implemented Synup, overnight we had a much larger local marketing presence.

Matt Flores

Digital Marketing at Goodwill

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Increased Reviews by


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Increased donations by


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