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Local Matters Digital

A case study on how Synup increased Local Matters Digital's client profiles 167% YOY

Client Challenge

Local Matters Digital is a media/digital agency that helps local businesses in Wisconsin find and acquire new customers. For many of these businesses, the biggest challenge is how to be found in a crowded market. To meet that challenge, Local Matters Digital began offering a service to improve their clients’ local search rankings and get their business information (digital profiles) current and optimized across the internet, anywhere the business might have a presence, including Google, Facebook, Bing, Alexa, Siri and other sites. Local Digital Matters quickly realized that controlling a business’ presence across critical destinations like search and voice search engines, map and review apps, was borderline impossible – the only way to manage this accurately and efficiently was to find a technology platform that they could rely on.

Local Matters Digital prioritizes staying ahead of the curve in their digital offerings; they wanted to find the right partner to help their clients be found and chosen in the increasingly crowded and important digital ecosystem. Furthermore, they wanted to do so with a scalable platform that addressed multiple client needs and tracked important ROI-driven metrics.

Local Matters Digital is the digital agency division for The Gazette, a daily newspaper in Janesville, Wisconsin. Local Matters Digital provides digital advertising services to local businesses of all sizes in a variety of industries from healthcare to restaurants.


Local Matters Digital chose Synup because they found a technology vendor and partner that shared their customer-centric approach and focus to delivering measurable results for Local Matters Digital clients. The Local Matters Digital team leveraged the Synup Dashboard and its analytics to gain keen insights as to how to optimize performance for each of their clients. The Local Matters Digital team was able to use real-world marketplace insights by vertical and to incorporate a best-practices approach to customer acquisition for each unique client. Utilizing Synup, the Local Matters Digital team was able to provide their clients with access to new customers, the ability to convert those customers into real revenue and additionally grow customer loyalty and advocacy through the reputation management capabilities within the Synup platform.

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Increased client web visits year-over year by


Increased client phone calls year-over- year by


Increased requests for directions to client's business by


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