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Marinara Pizza

A case study on how Marinara Pizza increased their phone calls by 80% with Synup

Client Challenge

New York city has the most competitive pizza market in the entire country. Hundreds of new pizza restaurants open each year and at least the same amount go out of business. How would a new upstart brand, Marinara Pizza open multiple locations in the New York market and be able to grow their presence and locations?

Marinara Pizza is a classic NYC slice joint with a modern twist. Marinara Pizza shares its passion for creating delicious food using quality ingredients and time-tested recipes. Marinara Pizza treats all their guests like family.


Marinara Pizza added Synup to their marketing plan a few months after they opened their doors. Working with the Synup Customer Success team, they mapped out their objectives and strategy to ensure that their business presence was everywhere, and they aggressively managed their brand reputation to build and then grow their recurring customer base.

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“We deliver the pizza and Synup delivers the customers.”

Gabi Weiser

CEO of Marinara Pizza

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Increased location traffic by


Increased search to consumer purchase by


Increased phone calls by


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