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Rawa Law

Increased Google Traffic by 36%

Client Challenge

The Rawa Law Group is a leading labor and employment law firm in California and has dedicated its practice to helping clients who have been harassed, discriminated against or wrongfully terminated by their employer. When one of these things occur, prospective clients are normally scared and confused and not sure where to turn or what to do next. Rawa needed to ensure that potential clients could easily find them, anywhere that they might begin their search, including all the key search sites, via social media or even through voice search applications like Siri, Cortana, Google My Assistant and Alexa.

Rawa Law Group's primary objective was to improve their ability to engage with prospective and current customers. Rawa wanted to be easily found by new customers and wanted to provide the best customer experience to existing customers, across every one of its customer engagements.

Rawa Law Group, APC is a respected law firm, dedicated to providing exceptional service to its clients in the areas of Workers Compensation,Harassment and Discrimination, Wage and Hours, and Personal Injuries.


Directly after joining the Synup presence network, all the locations of Rawa law group could be found accurately across every key directory, voice search engine, map application, and social media site. In addition, Rawa law group was able to enhance and extend their marketing content so that they could provide key information that customers were searching for. With enhancing and optimizing content, it made it easier for customers to find Rawa Law Group in their time of need, then get the detailed information that helped determined they were right attorney to work to solve their challenges. Rawa Law Group has also been able to leverage the Synup Insights Management Dashboard to further optimize their brand presence and brand content, which in turn has led to an average 67% increase in their website visits and about 80% increase in the calls that they receive. Rawa has also utilized the dashboard to manage and control their brand reputation, effectively utilizing it to increase the number of customer reviews by over 118%. The review widget has a CTA click too, which encourages the customer to leave new reviews. Rawa Law Group has also used the interactions feature on the dashboard to engage with customers. Through the Synup dashboard, they have also been able to access reviews that they receive from their customers in one single platform and easily reply in a timely manner.

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“Synup extends your marketing presence and has more features than the competition.”

Ziad R

CEO of Rawa Law Group

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Increased Google traffic by


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Increased map views by


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