How Ahead of the Web saved over 5 hours a month/location with Synup


increase in phone calls


increase in direction requests


locations with Synup


Ahead of the Web is an internet marketing services agency based out of Vancouver, Canada. The agency was founded in 1999 and is made up of a passionate team. They are a marketing agency focused on solving problems for multi-location businesses. The firm offers services like website development, online marketing, social media management, content marketing, SEO strategies, paid advertising and much more.

Ahead of the Web's team includes marketing professionals, website designers, graphic artists, videographers and database specialists. These marketing superstars bring professionalism and passion to their work to create results for their clients.

The team at Ahead of the Web started off as an SEO agency. As the team grew, their efforts inclined towards multi-location businesses. Presently, they have a strong focus on improving their clients’ brand image and revenue. The team at Ahead of the Web believes in delivering marketing strategies that make a difference for their clients.


As an agency, Ahead of the Web has a sizable clientele of multi-location businesses. Their concentrated efforts have gone towards improving the online presence for dental practices. SEO forms the base of the overall marketing strategy that the team recommends to their clients.

While taking on the task of servicing a niche category like dental practices, Ahead of the Web knew that it was going to be a difficult task. The three pillars, that they believe to serve as a foundation to their SEO strategy are → Optimizing on-page SEO for client websites, white-hat link building and ensuring uniformity of business location data.

They understood quickly that the volume of manual labour involved in online business listings and citation building was going to be enormous. Ahead of the Web was in charge of managing multiple locations of individual dental practices. Their aim was to improve local search rankings for each of these dental practice locations’. In order to achieve this, it was imperative to uniformly sync each of their business information on the internet.

Apart from achieving uniformity of business listings online, Ahead of the Web was also looking to build citations for each of their clients on the top sites like Mapquest, Merchant Circle, Manta, Local, Angie's List etc. Once the presence for each of their clients had been created on these platforms, they needed the ability to instantly make edits - as and when required.

As it is known, the business hours for dental practices are ever-changing. Minute details like these can prove to be the difference between a local dentist acquiring a new patient or losing the appointment to a nearby competitor. And they were highly aware of this.


In order to achieve consistent results, Ahead of the Web set out to find an automated solution for their tasks. Their requirements were simple → All they needed was an easy-to-use platform that gave them definite control over each of their clients’ locations.

Ahead of the Web evaluated Synup along with a couple of other competitors. By the end of it, they decided to go ahead with Synup as the dashboard was easy to understand and the cost involved was highly competitive. Additionally, the agency picked Synup over other tools in the market because of its reliability. Any listing or citation that has been enabled from the Synup dashboard remains under the business owner or agency’s control even after the contract expires.

Since Ahead of the web services multi-location businesses, they knew that the process of onboarding would involve adding a large set of data into the system will be cumbersome. Synup proved to be a hassle-free solution on that front. The marketing firm, with the help of personnel from Synup, completed the onboarding for their clients to the dashboard with ease.

Synup’s dashboard was used by multiple people from Ahead of the Web. To their benefit, they found that the dashboard reads with ease because of the way it was sectioned. Once a client’s location is onboard, all Ahead of the Web had to do was sync the data across the directories through the dashboard. Citation building was just a click away. They were able to suppress their clients’ duplicate listings using the dashboard. Similarly, they were able to claim the listings easily form the same dashboard.

With the information for each client location synced across the web, it was no surprise that the reports for each client showed a steady increase in numbers.

(The data shown below is consolidated for all of Ahead of the Web’s client locations)

As indicated above, each of the metrics tracked have seen a phenomenal increase in the time period that the locations have been synced on the Synup dashboard.

The profile views of the dental practices saw the maximum spike on Google Maps (49.7%), as compared to Bing and Facebook.

Overall, visits to the client websites reported an increase of 49% after using Synup. This is a direct sign of improvement in local search rankings.

Phone calls and direction requests saw a steady increase by 47.8% and 43.3% respectively. These numbers can be directly translated into more customers for Ahead of the web’s clients.

In conclusion, Ahead of the Web and Synup have definitely helped improve the online presence of these dental practices. Synup got a chance to simplify another marketing agency’s daily tasks and help save over 5 hours month on month/location. At the same time, Ahead of the Web achieved what it set out to → Enable growth and solve marketing problems of multi-location businesses with ease.