How IHMC increased their calls by 83% using Synup


increase in calls


website visits

About Integrity Home Mortgage Corporation

Integrity Home Mortgage Corporation first opened its doors in 2005 when Adam Huddleston, CEO, and President, saw a need to improve the mortgage industry. Integrity was built with the concept to close loans on time and as promised while providing their customers with excellent customer care. At IHMC you will find a creative team of mortgage specialists available to assist you in finding the financing that suits your needs. They specialize in custom mortgages with lending solutions to best support your current life situation. They have an array of home loan programs to choose from and will educate you and walk you through the process every step of the way. With their team of experienced loan officers, they make your experience as hassle-free as possible. Whether you are a first-time home-buyer or a seasoned homeowner they will assist you with your mortgage financing. They understand, that it is more than just an investment; it’s your home.


IHMC found a lot of inconsistencies on the internet regarding their company address. They were either not updated properly or did not reflect the growth that the firm had seen in the past decade. They set out to correct the issues themselves. As they thought there was some progress, they found that the changes made to correct the issues were just reverting back and they kept hitting roadblocks. They finally had to admit defeat and could not do it on their own and decided to look around to find answers to their problem at hand. Another Big challenge was that the person in charge was responsible for a lot of projects, and to be able to maintain all the citations by himself was too much on the plate.


After research and consulting several companies, and comparing prices IHMC found Synup. The deal with Synup was finalized, as we had the best pricing and provided all the services that they needed (Citation management - topping the list) and the ability to correct all the inconsistencies about IHMC on the internet.

Also, when opening new offices or moving to new space, the internet is one of the first places that needs to be updated. Using the Synup dashboard, they were able to ensure that NAPs for all their company locations were updated through a single platform. Since most of the work was being done manually before, bringing Synup in made the process simple, quick and hassle-free. With the citation management all taken care of, their online discoverability has significantly grown over the last year. They have seen a 47% growth in their search volumes on Google and about 143% growth on their Bing searches.

IHMC has utilized the rankings feature on the Synup dashboard to the fullest. The feature helps businesses track how their target keywords and phrases are performing on top search engines - Google, Yahoo and Bing. IHMC has added over 588 Keywords across all locations which have helped them with insights to boost their online discoverability.

Before After Growth %
Search Views 21,709 34,214 57.60%
Website Visits 1,131 1,411 24.76%
Calls 220 402 82.70%

To conclude

IHMC is thrilled about the fact they do not need to intervene and the system works for them, only occasionally are they required to maintain the system. To have this system work independently by itself frees the person-in-charge to work on other projects while this section is automated. pressing matters/projects.