Fatjoe Review and Pricing

Fatjoe is a popular option for several business owners and marketers who want to build links, citations and content for their business/website. Check out this review of Fatjoe to get an overview of the product and its features.

What is Fatjoe?

Fatjoe is a platform that builds links, content and citations for businesses and agencies. Apart from this, Fatjoe offers press release distribution and promotion of infographics as well. Fatjoe’s citation building platform manually submits your business listings to up to a hundred directories. Fatjoe also allows you to reach out to bloggers and get content with backlinks placed on these websites.

Types of Businesses Serviced

  • Single location businesses
  • Multi-location businesses
  • Agencies

Fatjoe Features

Fatjoe has a dashboard that allows users to track the status on multiple service needs. Let’s dive deeper and take a look at what they offer.

Local Listings Management

Fatjoe allows you to submit local citations to 25-100 websites. Fatjoe’s listings submission is 100% manual, and it’s a one-time submission only deal for getting your listings on your website. Their FAQ section even states that over 50% of the 100 directories in their network are sites that don’t even allow you to add a website link. 

Content Creation

Fatjoe creates text and infographic content for your business. You need to pay Fatjoe on a per article/design basis, and you can choose to do whatever you want to with the content after that.

Link Building

Fatjoe allows users to also get their content placed on other websites and blogs as well, to build links and improve your website’s domain authority. Fatjoe has different price brackets for this service, depending on the DA of the website where you want to get a placement.

Press Release Distribution

The platform also allows you to distribute press releases on over 450 sites, functioning like a newswire of sorts. The fee is on a per placement basis, and includes the write-up for the press release as well.

Fatjoe Pricing

Fatjoe’s pricing structure differs based on the service that you’re using. Fatjoe has different pricing options in most of its services too, so users can pick the option that works for them the best.

Plan Price Details
Local Business Citations $60 – $145 Pricing changes based on the number of websites submitted to
Content Writing $25 – $90 Pricing changes based on the number of words in the article
Infographic Creation $145 – $430 Pricing changes based on the number of stats/elements included
Blogger Outreach $50 – $260 Pricing changes based on the DA of the website/blog
PR Distribution $95 Standard fee inclusive of writing

So, is Fatjoe a good option for your business/agency?

So, is Fatjoe the right option for your business/agency’s link-building, citation submission and content creation needs?


  • Content and Infographic Creation:
    Fatjoe has a straightforward pricing structure for its content and infographic creation needs. Some might deem the price as too much, but they get the job done without any hassle, and help get guest post placements for link building as well.
  • Press Release Distribution:
    Fatjoe seems to have taken a step in the right direction by introducing press release distribution as a service. Businesses that want to get even more coverage on platforms that are relevant to their industry will find good use for it. This service also helps connect journalists and businesses that want to get their name out there.


  • No control over citations:
    Fatjoe does not facilitate any venue to edit your listings once they’ve been posted. The platform’s idea of editing your listings is giving you the login credentials and asking you to visit these websites one-by-one and get it sorted, as mentioned in their FAQs section. This defeats the purpose of having your business listed online in the first place.
  • Limited directories:
    Even though Fatjoe submits to 100 directories online, it does not submit to major websites like Google, Facebook, and TripAdvisor. A lot of the directories that they submit to are ones with a very small or no significant user base at all.
  • No review monitoring or review management
    Since the citations are submitted manually, users cannot monitor, respond to, or generate reviews for their listings after submission using Fatjoe.
  • Turnaround times and multi-location support
    Fatjoe promises a short turnaround time for all their orders, but it is unclear as to how long exactly they take to get the job done. This might especially turn out to be a problem if there’s a large multi-location business/enterprise that wants to use Fatjoe for citation building.
  • Troublesome Link Building
    Several SEO-ers inclusive of Skipblast and Link2Light have expressed concerns about Fatjoe’s link building services, and postulated that websites using it might be penalized by Google, or that they have not added any significant traffic to their business.
  • Extremely Pricey:
    Fatjoe seems to be a very expensive service overall, with most of their service offerings costing significantly more when compared to competitors.

Fatjoe Alternative

Fatjoe has received recognition for its infographic design quality and free tools, but it doesn’t seem like a robust solution for citation and link-building sevices. Fatjoe still has a primitive modus operandi with manual listings that give users no control over their citations. Synup is a great alternative to this solution, giving you full control over these listings and allowing you to edit it any time you want to. Synup also provides several other features like review monitoring, review generation, rank tracking and business insights from your listings.

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