Do You Meet Google My Business Guidelines?
(Currently supports businesses in US)
Why did we build this tool?
  • Google gives a set of guidelines to represent ​your business on google.
  • For a business owner(and SEO agencies), it's a hassle to manually check if the business's pages are following each of these guidelines. Some of the directives could easily be overlooked.
  • We wanted to build a tool that would automate the process of checking for Google's guidelines so that every business can manage and update their Google Business pages accordingly.
  • So we came up with the Google Guidelines Checker- with this free tool you check the Google Business and Local Pages for any business.
Note: The Google Guidelines Checker currently only works for businesses in the U.S.
How does it work?
  • You search for your(or client's) business with "Business Name" and "Location" in the Search box.
  • You will then be prompted twice
    • The first prompt asks you to choose your GMB page from a list.
    • The second prompt will ask you to choose your Google Plus page from a list.
  • After you make the selections the guidelines checker will automatically check your business for the following as per Google Guidelines :
    • Business Name verification.
    • Business Address Verification.
    • Phone Number Verification.
    • Website Redirect verification.
    • Google Plus Profile Match.
    • Checks for Google Profile Image.
    • Checks for images on Google listing.
    • Checks if Business hours are listed.
    • Checks if Business is verified on Google Plus.
Correctly managed fields as per Google's guidelines are shown in green, while the ones that need some fixing are marked in red.