Adding Photos to Google My Business -

Adding photos to your Google My Business account

Treat your customers and high-intent prospects to a visual tour of your brand on Google

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Capture Prospect Interest

Upload photos of your brand that will appear right on your Google profile

Publish Sneak Peeks

Show customers what your establishment looks like using pictures and videos

Express Your Brand Identity

Impress your customers by showing them what your brand’s all about

Go Beyond Google

Post images, videos, and other media to your other digital profiles as well

Control the entire customer experience

Your digital profiles make a big difference to your prospect’s purchase decision. Synup’s location marketing platform allows your brand to get discovered with rich content and media on Google, Bing, Facebook, and over 40 other websites.

If you are looking to add pictures in your Synup Dashboard, log in and toggle over to your premium listings tab. Click on the edit button related to your business information and scroll down to the bottom of the screen.

Here you will see where you can add your cover images and store all of your business content!

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All this and more!

Synup’s local marketing platform helps you be found, trusted, and chosen on over 45 websites and business discovery apps. Check how your brand’s presence and reputation are showing up on customers’ screens now.


Attract more customers to your establishment

Pictures of your storefront, interiors, and products, can make or break a prospect’s decision to visit your restaurant, shop, or store. Wow them with photos of your brand and get them excited to head to your establishment using Synup’s local marketing suite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from the basic name, address, phone number, and location information, you can add business hours, photos, videos, website link, social media profiles, and several other snippets of rich content on your Google My Business profile. Synup allows you to control your brand information on Google and many other such websites, all from one dashboard.

The short answer: Very important. The information you provide on your Google profile plays a crucial role in a prospect choosing your business over a competitor’s. Missing, inaccurate, or poorly maintained Google profiles can lead to your prospects prematurely judging your brand and never setting a foot in your establishment.

With the level at which the capabilities of smartphone cameras are growing, we want to say the answer lies right in your pocket! However, if you truly want professional looking photos of your brand, you need to reach out to freelance photographers or studios in your city and ask them for a quote. Not sure where to start? Just type in “photographers near me” on trusty ol’ Google!