Enhance business content with photos and videos

Photos and videos help your business drive better engagement and give you better visibility online.


Drive better performance

Use business photos to drive better engagement and search results

Highlight your profile

Add photos to capture attention and make your profile stand out with great visuals of what you offer

Consistent Media online

Keep your business photos standardized and consistent across networks.

Keep Your Brand Content Consistent

Keep your business photos consistent across all of your profiles, networks, and locations

Upload multiple business/brand photos

The more photos you have, the better your chances of leading customers from discovery to conversion. You can organize your media assets using labels and categories to manage quick updates across multiple locations.


Go beyond standard business photos

We've introduced media categories as a way for brands to highlight certain types of images. In addition to a business profile photo and a cover image, you can add category-specific photos like exterior/interior photos, product photos, team photos; or business-specific photos like food and drink photos, common area/ rooms, etc.


Manage Branded Media assets at scale

Standardize branded media assets like logos, cover images, across multiple locations by assigning media assets to multiple locations from your media manager. If you manage multiple locations you can assign photos and videos to multiple locations from your media manager.


Frequently Asked Questions

Google recommends adding business-specific photos that highlight business offerings that are unique to your brand. 

Here are some photos you can include 

  • At least three photos of your location’s exterior setting showing the approach to the business location from common angles. 

  • A minimum of three photos of your location’s interior ambiance. 

  • Product photos of your most popular products and services you sell. 

  • For business categories like hotels can include photos of common-areas like a reception, and images of guest rooms

  • Management and team photos showing your organization in action. 

For restaurants, cafes, and bars, try including photos of the most popular food and drinks served at your locations.

It’s a good idea to have unique photos for different locations but it would be fine to repeat certain photos like a logo, a cover image, or food and drink photos. However, if your locations across regions are distinct you can include some unique photos of things like the restaurant exterior or interior.

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