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There are easy way to immediately start showing up in more consumer searches that you’re probably missing!

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More Categories

Synup platform helps you to optimize your business profiles to reach more customers in different way - adding extra categories is just one example

More Reviews

Getting more positive reviews at volume will help you to get more eyeballs for profile. It also builds a strong online reputation for your business.

More Citation

Synup will get your business listed on over 40 websites including Google, Yelp and Facebook and more in just 72 hours.

Track Your Results

Driving more customers to your profiles is the first step. It’s also important to measure your analytics so you can continue to improve.

Step 1: Add more categories

For businesses that encompass multiple categories, it is important that their listings show up for all relevant searches, and additional categories help in this regard. For example, if a veterinary clinic also has a pet spa, they would want to rank for both ‘vet clinic near me’ and ‘pet spa near me’. You can do that within a second in Synup.

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Review your brand visibility

Find out more opportunities for you to show up in relevant searches for interested consumers, right at their moment of intent to make a purchasing decision.


Step 2: Generate positive reviews effortlessly

Synup will enable your business to get positive business reviews with an actionable review generation feature. Collect your customer details and generate reviews on major review sites using the Review Generation Wizard.

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Step 3: Minimize your citation building efforts

Synup creates structured citations for your business on all major directories including Google, Yelp, Bing, and Facebook. Our dashboard also gives you unlimited access to changing your business details whenever you want.


Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s use an illustrative example and say you have a restaurant. Do you also do catering? Rent your space out for events? Have a bar? What about specific regional foods? These are all opportunities to show up for would-be customers. It would be foolish to restrict yourself to just a single category!

The Synup platform helps guide you in all the different areas you can optimize your business profiles and the way they reach consumers, all across the web. That includes Google and multiple business categories, but there are plenty of other ways to enhance your online presence, too, and that’s our specialty.

Straight off the bat, having a lot of reviews on your digital profiles makes your brand seem more credible than ones without any customer reviews. Beyond that, having a good number of positive reviews on your business profile increases your overall star rating, another factor that helps customers recognize you as a trustworthy and reputed business in your town or city.