How to Fix Your Address Online -

How to update your address online

Are you sure your business information is consistent and up-to-date everywhere?

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Keep Your Data Consistent

Make sure you business information is accurate everywhere

Improve trustworthiness with customers

Give your customers accurate, relevant information, everywhere

Manage Multiple Addresses

Whether you are a large enterprise or a small business, Synup can manage your listings at scale

Step 1: Log into your Synup Dashboard

Log into your dashboard under your Manage Locations section & click on the location that you would like to make changes too.

If you are a single location business, just click into your dashboard as you normally would.

Step 2. Edit your business information

Click on the Edit button which is on the top right corner of the business box that appears first on your screen.

You will be prompted into your location editor. Here you can update the information as would like. (If you are a multi-location business you can also enter in your Store-ID here.)

When you are done, click save and your business will automatically update with the directories that you are synced too.

Fix your address at scale with bulk edit

Need to changes the your phone number or zip code for all of your locations? You can do that with Synup in minutes. Select all the locations you want to update and upload a csv with accurate information to the dashboard and watch the information get synced within few minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Different directories, maps, and apps have different places they get data. That means they may contradict each other if you’re not managing them from a single place, like the Synup dashboard. Moreover, if you’ve ever moved locations, your old information may still be out there and picked up by other apps and directories!

We place a “lock” on your business content across the web through our API integrations with Google, Facebook, Yelp and more.

Consumers still use a variety of platforms to look up businesses - Bing, Yelp, Facebook, FourSquare, car navigation apps, and others. It’s important to reach consumers accurately everywhere. Beyond that, consistent data means your SEO will get a boost!