Improve Your Business’ Star Ratings with Synup!

Improve your business’ star rating online and create a strong online presence.


Build More Reviews

Help your customers write more reviews for your business.

Improve Your Rating

Increase the online star rating on the sites that matter to you the most.

Redeem Bad Experiences

Isolate bad customer experiences, build feedback, reduce negative business reviews.

Improve Customer Retention

Get more customers for your business, and make sure your happy customers are regular customers.

Build Reviews on Major Review Sites

Use our simple yet robust review generation feature to improve the star rating of your business.

Build reviews across several major review generation sites like Facebook, Google, Foursquare, Yellow Pages and Yelp. Send out review invites to your customers. Use a .csv file with your customers’ name,  email and phone number, and send your emails in bulk.

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Your Business' Online Reputation

Improving a business’ star rating is not a simple task that you can finish in one shot. It is a long-term commitment that requires regular monitoring and management.

Synup’s holistic dashboard is built to help automate this process and help you improve your business’ star rating. Let us help you grow your business.

Take the first step and see what your business’ online reputation looks like.


Build Review Generation Emails

Craft your own review generation emails and SMSs to improve your star ratings. Personalize your emails for your customers. Customize it with your business logo, the message you want to send out, and the sites you wish to be reviewed on.

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