Say Hello to Synup 2.0!

We Make It Darn Easy

Synup's unified software enables you keep your business directory listings in sync, monitor reviews, keep a communication channel open with your customers and benchmark your online performance in an automated fashion


Everything you'll need to keep your marketing efforts consistent, automated and scalable.

Location Management

Whether you have one or one thousand locations, Synup is super easy to use

Crawl All Listings

We crawl 190+ local search engines and directories to catch data inconsistencies

Instant Sync

We instantly sync your business and location data across different sites

Niche Specific

You can also manage industry and niche specific directories on the Synup platform

Monitor Interactions

Get notified immediately when customers leave a review or social comment

Respond Back

Integrated workflow that allows you to respond back to reviews from within Synup

Location Management

Synup provides a platform that lets you manage your own listings with ease so that you can focus on your business

Setup in Just 2 Minutes

Once you enter your business information, our automated software starts populating listings in under two minutes. From here, all of your listings go live in under forty eight hours

Unlimited Updates

Once your listings are populated, you can update your information on demand, as many times as you require. Got new info to go out? No problem! We will automatically update all of your online directories so that you don't have to spend time doing it manually.

Duplicate Suppression

Duplicate business listings can be a big, hairy mess. Not only do they make it harder for customers to find you, but they also dilute your online presence. The worst part is that you'll need to spend hours tackling duplicates - but, not anymore!

Identify Duplicates

Synup's software automatically identifies duplicates from across the web in real-time. We crawl the web for new duplicate business listings multiple times everyday and let you know as soon as we discover one.

On Demand Suppression

Once duplicates are identified, you can suppress any of them on-demand. We will go in and automatically remove duplicated listings or report them to the target site for removal.

Review Management

Manage your interactions directly through our dashboard. With reviews and social interactions at your fingertips, you can connect with your customers wherever they are.

Review Monitoring

It’s not an easy task to scour the web for reviews about your business. Our integrated dashboard brings you all your reviews from the sites that matter, right to your dashboard.

Respond Directly

Once your listings are populated, you can update your information on demand, as many times as you require. Got new info to go out? No problem! We will automatically update all of your online directories so that you don't have to spend time doing it manually.

Over 45 Directory Sites Managed

Our instant network covers forty six of the most important directories in the United States including Google, Yelp, Yellowpages and more. We also enable you to optionally add or edit listings on another additional 150 directory sites*.

Google Plus
Cylex USA
Judy's Book
Top Rated Local
Get Free Listing
Chamber Of Commerce
Express Business Directory
Directory Local
*Additional directories cost $1.50 each one-time fee.

Some Happy Customers

Synup's services have helped us boost traffic and have also helped us keep our business information consistent across the web.

"Matt, Doc Thompson Plumbing"


We offer simple, uncomplicated pricing for all of our features for the fraction of the cost of the competition.

Synup v2

$ 30 / Month *
* Billed $360 Annually

45+ Directories Instantly Sync

20+ Review Sites Monitored

8+ Search Ranking Sites Monitored

Duplicate Suppression Included

Analytics Included

  • Unlimited and 48 hour updates within our instant network of 46 partner sites
  • Lifetime access to any new partner sites we add
  • Access to 150 additional directories you can create and fix listings on
  • Daily review monitoring and reporting
  • Rank tracking analytics across all major local search engines
  • Free, complimentary support, consulting and training

Frequently Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions answered so that you can make an informed decision.

When you cancel Synup, your listings stay intact. You will just not be able to make further updates unless you re-activate your subscription.
Some listings get synced instantly, and others may take upto 48 hours to sync.
If you have more than ten locations under management, contact us and we're happy to provide volume discounts.
We monitor review sites three times a day and notify you as soon as we find a new review added.
We're not big fans of legalese, but are happy to give you a written contract with our commitments if you require it.