Adding your restaurant or hotel’s menu details on your TripAdvisor listing can help your customers get a better understanding of what you have to offer them. And it goes without saying! Add your restaurant or hotel’s menu to your TripAdvisor listing to optimize it to its full potential.

TripAdvisor – the largest travel site – has over four million restaurants and one million hotels listed on its database. Not only does it add to your online citation score, but it also allows you to showcase your local store and build reviews. If you don’t already have a listing, learn how you can get listed on TripAdvisor here.

So, how do you add your menu to TripAdvisor?

Here’s an answer you didn’t expect to hear, but you can’t add your menu DIRECTLY to TripAdvisor. In order to add your restaurant’s menu to TripAdvisor, you need to add your menu to Single Platform or Locu. This is because TripAdvisor is integrated with these two platforms to display menus on listings.


We’re going to show how you can add your menu details to Single Platform and Locu. It is pretty simple.

How to Add Your Menu to Single Platform

Uplaod your menu on Single Platform

Step 1

Go to Single Platform and click on “Upload Menu”.

Step 2

You’ll be led to the following form. Make sure you fill out all the information correctly and attach a graphic image of your menu. Make sure that the image has a good resolution so that your customers won’t have any issues reading it online.

Once you’re done, hit send.

Fill in your details and attach a copy of menu

How to Add Your Menu to Locu

Locu is a menu distribution system that allows you to create, edit and update menu information on its platform. This information can be integrated with major sites like TripAdvisor, OpenTable, Foursquare, and on several other sites across the web. Here’s a video that can help you add your menu to Locu.

After signing up with either Locu or Single Platform, your menu will appear on your listing in 10-14 days.

Your menu will appear on TripAdvisor in 10-14 days.
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