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Angie’s List is a U.S based home services website, founded in 1995. Users can access this site to read and publish reviews of local businesses and contractors. It also provides tools and services that help businesses increase their exposure.

To get your business listed on Angie’s List, follow the below steps.

1.) Get to the “Claim your Profile” form

2.) Enter the business details

3.) Claim your business

4.) Do the Account Setup

Step 1: Get to the “Claim Your Profile” form

Vist the Angie’s List Business Center home page. Click on 

Claim Your Profile


Step 2: Enter business details

You will be presented with the following form. Enter your 

business name


business address Zipcode

 to search for your business. Click 


 after you’re done.

Step 3: Claim your business

You will be presented with a table of search results. Choose your business name from these results by clicking on the 


 button to the left of your company name.


For any reason, if you cannot find your business, try searching for your company again or add your company by clicking on 

Add Company


If you did find your company but you don’t have the select option available, click on 


 to contact Angie’s List and they shall help you claim your business for you.

Step 4: Do the account setup

After clicking on 


, you will be directed to the second step which requires you to set up your account on Angie’s list. If you already have an account, please sign in before reaching this step then. Click on 


 after filling in the information and checking the box.

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