Get listed on Manta -

Get listed on Manta


Step 1: Find your business

Visit Manta’s homepage and click on “Add Business” option in the header. Not sure if your business is already listed on Manta? Fret not, you can go to “Add Business” option to check if your business is listed and claim your business.

Step 2: Claim your Company (if it is already listed on Manta)

If your company is already listed on Manta, you will receive a message reading the same once you submit the form. You can claim your business by clicking on “This is my company”.Once you click on “This is my company”, you will be asked to edit information about your business. Once you register or sign in with Manta, your business will be listed.

Step 3: Add your Company (if it is not already listed on Manta)

You can add your business on Manta without any hassles – all you have to do is just fill in details like address, contact number and website of your business (in the form described in step #1). Once you have registered your company, you will be required to provide additional information. You will also be able to edit information.

Step 4: Complete The Process

You will be asked to enter some details like the type of business and website. Register with Manta to complete the process.

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