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Whitepages was founded in 1997 by Alex Algard, and is headquartered in Seattle. It is an online directory that also offers services such as fraud screening, identity verification, and background checks of public records.To list your business in Whitepages, follow the below steps.

1.) Go to the Whitepages listings page & click on “Find My Listings” link.

2.) Check the status of your business listing if its verified or not.

3.) Fill in the information to claim or add your business.

4.) Choose a plan to purchase the claim & manage your listings.

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Step 1: Get To The Form

Vist the Whitepages listings page. Enter your Business NameBusiness Phone and Your Name. Click on 

Find My Listings

 after that.

Step 2: Check Status

You should be redirected to a new page which has a report of your listings. Click on the orange 

Not Verified Through Yext

 link on the right-hand side.

Step 3: Fill in Your Information

You need to fill out this form to claim or add your business on Whitepages.

Fill out the fields in the form with the exact information you want to display on Whitepages. Click on 


after that.

Step 4: Choose a plan

You will then be presented with packages that you need to purchase to claim and manage your Whitepages listing. Select a package that fits your budget and you’ll be directed on how to progress through via the platform.

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