Create a LinkedIn Company Page -

How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page


LinkedIn is a growing internet platform that is dedicated to creating professional connections. Presently, LinkedIn has 530 million users who are building their professional circles and adding their career information online. Having an online business presence on LinkedIn can help your business build its reputation among other businesses in the industry, connect with influencers, and leverage the talent acquisition opportunities that comes with LinkedIn.

Step 1: Sign-In and Add a LinkedIn Company Page

Log in to your LinkedIn account and click on the

 “Work” icon

 that is on top right-hand corner of your page. Click on the “Create a Company Page” option.

Step 2: Enter Your Business Details

Once you’re done with the above-said step, you’ll be led to the following window. Enter your company name and the LinkedIn Company URL. Your business’ company page needn’t be unique but your public URL needs to be so.

Here are some specifications that need to be met to create a Company URL:

  • Your website URL cannot exceed a limit of 256 characters.

  • Your URL can be lower case alphabets, numeric characters, and a hyphen.

  • Your URL cannot contain two consecutive hyphens.

  • You must have at least one non-numeric character in your URL.

Any improper characters in your URL will be replaced with a hyphen. Once you are done, check the verification box and click on “Create Page”.



 In case you haven’t already added an email address to your LinkedIn Profile, you’ll be prompted to add one for verification purposes.]

Note: You’ll be led to your LinkedIn Company Page with a prompt to get you started. You can click on 

“Get Started”

 to update your business information on your Page.

Step 3: Add a Profile Image and a Cover Image

After creating a Company Page for your business, add a profile image and a cover image to your profile page. Add your company’s logo for the profile image, and you can add an image that represents what your company is or the products or services it offers as your cover image.

Step 4: Write “About” Your Business and Add Specialties

Once you’ve added a profile image and a cover image, write a brief and compelling paragraph (or two) about your business:

  • Write about what your business is trying to accomplish, or in other words, write about the difference your business is aiming to make in the industry or society.

  • Make sure that your business bio 

    is between 250-2000 characters.

In addition to the “about” section, you can add up to 20 specialties to your profile. This is basically the product or service sector that your business caters to. For example, if you run an advertising agency, your specialties might include “web design”, “copywriting”, or “event management.” 

Step 5: Fill In Additional Information

After you’re done with the “about” and specialties” section,  fill up additional business information in the respective fields.

Step 6: Add Additional Locations and Feature Groups

If your business has multiple locations, you can add them to your LinkedIn Company Page. Additionally, you can add groups you can feature in your Company Page.

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