Get listed on Kayak
Follow the steps described below to list your business on Kayak.
Find your business
Visit the homepage of Kayak. At the footer of the page, click on “Hotel Owners” under “Contact”. In the page for Hotel Owners, click on “create a listing”.
Find Hotel Listing on Kayak
In the Hotel Listing Console page, you will have the option to find if your hostel is listed in Kayak.

To search for your business, you will have to enter the business name and the location.

If you see that your business is already listed on Kayak, click on “Edit” to view/edit information. Once you have completed all steps, click on “Finish” to submit your listing.
Once all the information about your business is verified by Kayak, your business will be listed on the Kayak website.
Add Hotel Listing on Kayak (if your business is not listed on Kayak)
In the Kayak Hotel Listing Console, select “Add Hotel Listing” to register your business on Kayak.
You will be asked to enter some information about your business including name, address and facilities offered. Once you have entered all information, click on “Finish” to submit your listing. Kayak may take up to five working days to verify your information and show it on the website.