How to Add Categories to Google My Business -

How to Add Categories to Google My Business

As a business owner, you would ideally want your online business listings to showcase every aspect of your product or services, in order to reach the maximum number of people. Part of this involves categorizing it effectively in your Google My Business listing.

For businesses that encompass multiple categories, it is important that their listings show up for all relevant searches, and additional categories help in this regard. For example, if a veterinary clinic also has a pet spa, they would want to rank for both ‘vet clinic near me’ and ‘pet spa near me’. Adding secondary categories to your listing is how you can achieve that, and here’s how you can add them in your Google listing.

Step 1: Sign In To Your Google My Business Page

Head on over to the Google My Business page, and sign in to access your business listing. In case your business has not been listed on Google yet, follow this guide to set it up first.

Step 2: Click On Your Business Info Card

Once logged in, you can view your business activity and the Home menu, which is displayed on the left side. In the Home menu, click on ‘Info’ to display your business information.

Step 3: Open The Edit Category Dialog Box

In your business info, you will notice your business’ name and category listed, with an edit icon next to them. Click on the edit icon next to your business category.

Step 4: Click On ‘Add Another Category’

Once the dialog box pops up, you will see an option to ‘add another category’. Click on it to start adding more categories to your business listing.

Step 5: Choose From The Available Categories

When you click on ‘add another category’, you will get a text box where you can type in a category that you want to add. As you type, you will get a list of available relevant categories. Choose the most appropriate ones, click on ‘Apply’, and you’re done!

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