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Get listed on Whitepages
Below are step-by-step instructions to setup your business with Whitepages:
Find your business
Visit Whitepages and search for your business using the phone number or address. If your business is listed with the specified phone number, select the listing to edit or view the information. Alternatively, go to Whitepages Power Listings to find your business listing.
Select A Listing Plan
Whitepages has partnered with Yext to offer plans for managing and updating your listings. Select a plan depending on your requirement and add your contact and billing information. After you have signed up for Whitepages PowerListings, some will go live immediately and some listings will be updated in a few days.
claim whitepages step 2
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Get A Free Business Listing on Whitepages
If you would like to update your Whitepages profile for free, you will have to contact the service provider. The name of the service provider will be listed above the business name. If no provider is listed, visit ExpressUpdate to edit your business information.
Delete A Business Listing from Whitepages
To delete a business listing from Whitepages, go to the homepage click on “Remove from Directory” from the footer. Log on to your account and click on “Verify my email”. Once your email address has been verified, you will be redirected to “Opt-out of Whitepages”. You will have to provide the URL of your listing to remove it.