Get listed on YellowPages
Below are step-by-step instructions to setup your business with YellowPages:
Business info
Start by visiting this Link.

Enter some basic details about your business like name, contact number and address, contact email. You can pick up to five categories in order to describe your business.

Important: It’s essential that you have access to your business telephone number in order to verify your YP account.
claim yellowpages step 1
Claim your Business
The system may take up to a minute in order to search for current listings that match all or portion of info you added & return the search results. Pick the entry which most precisely matches to your business info & press “Select”. This will allow you to edit, claim, and/or claim your listing. IMP: In case your business listing has a contact number which no more exists or the system detects listings with your given info which aren’t your business, then you might be required to call the folks at YellowPages in order to fix the matter. If you see no corresponding listings, press "Continue" once again in order to finish the final three steps.
Add Business info
Here, you can add more details such as your alternate contact numbers, your company email, web URL, “DBA” business name, working hours as well as the payment methods which you accept. After completing this steps, you’ll need to add the code & press “Continue.”
claim yellowpages step 2
Sign in to your account
Next, sign in to your account. Register for a new account if you’re a new member of YP
claim yellowpages step 3
Add Business info
YellowPages will ask you to verify your business listing. During the verification process, YP will make a call to your business contact number which you mentioned in the first step & provide you with a code to type on a new screen. Press “Start” key in order to start this process.
claim yellowpages step 4
After your listing has been verified, it should go live is less than four hours.